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Keep your trucks and trailers on the road

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Software made easy so you can focus on getting the job done.


An overview of shop operations with maintenance scheduling, estimates, work assignments and sublets in one spot.

Technician’s Repair Order

Repair orders are built in real-time by techs as they work on vehicles, with icons and VMRS codes to simplify data entry.

Coming Soon – MOTOR Information Systems Labor Guide

Get access to the MOTOR Information Systems Labor Guide from directly within FleetSquared, making work benchmarking and estimate writing more accurate. Coming soon.

PM Inspections

Maintenance items identified on inspections flow through the system all the way to the repair order, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Driver Defect Portal

The DDP makes it simple for drivers to enter reports and identifies work that the shop manager can add to a repair order.


Techs keep repairs updated in real time and managers can see what’s coming in, what’s being worked on, and when the work is complete. But easy to use doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on features; from a Driver Defect Portal to integrated inspection reports, FleetSquared is the only software you need to manage your fleet maintenance.
Streamline your shop operations and minimize equipment downtime with FleetSquared. Accessible from an iPad or anywhere with a browser, service managers, technicians and drivers will all be able to get to what they need with just a few clicks, using a clean and clutter-free interface.

Increase profitability with FleetSquared.

  • Optimized for Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Maintenance
  • Industry Standard VMRS Code Driven
  • No Expensive Setup or Ongoing Training Costs
  • Integrated Electronic Inspection Reporting
  • In-App Help Videos and Online Support
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