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FleetSquared is a repair shop fleet maintenance management system designed to make life easy for service managers and technicians.


When it comes time to reviewing repair orders and getting them ready to invoice, no other product comes as close as our Complete RO. We help you handle special rates that you may have negotiated with your clients, as well as surcharges and local taxes where applicable. You’ll be able to create and email your first invoice in less than 15 minutes of getting your hands on our product. And the best part is that you’ll be able to professionally code the repair to fleet standards to exceed your clients expectations. Your client will thank you for presenting them with an easy to read and beautiful invoice that matches the expectations of the work you deliver.


With our long history, we’ve spent years in the field working with technicians to get our portal right. And what we found is that every technician we’ve ever talked to all wanted to do the best job they possibly could, including being able to code the repair properly. So instead of presenting drop down lists, we spent the time to create icons, and worked really hard to reduce the amount of thinking needed to operate our Technician portal. We’re proud that we can get a technician from zero to hero in less than 30 minutes.


As you issue parts, we automatically figure out what you’re going to need to restock. We understand that your inventory is probably only a few shelves at most, and open to your technicians. This means simplicity is the key. As you issue parts, in the background we’re consolidating your next set of orders. Just click the reorder button and based on your preferred supplier, we’ll automatically create the right separation. Just review the suggested order, double-check it, and click “Order” to get your PO automatically emailed to your vendor. If you buy lots from Kenworth or Peterbilt, let us know and we’ll get you set up to buy directly from your local dealer. How simple could that possibly be?

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FleetSquared for Heavy Duty Repair Professionals

Optimized for Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Repairs
Handle both your internal fleet repairs as well as customer repairs
No Expensive Setup or Ongoing Training Costs
Technicians go from Zero to Hero in 30 Minutes or Less
Email your first professional invoice in less than 15 minutes
Industry relationships to help you buy parts
In-App Help Videos and Online Support

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