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Brightorder: Driving the future of fleet maintenance

FleetSquared is a repair shop fleet maintenance management system designed to make life easy for service managers and technicians.

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We’ve been designing and building software specifically for heavy-duty fleets and repair shops for over two decades. We were the first to the Cloud, and now the first to embed AI tuned specifically for heavy vehicles, and we continue to bring revolutionary changes to the industry in which we serve. Repair Orders, Inventory Management and PMs are requirements of being in this industry, but the trick is to make it easy to use so that professional shops can code properly and present professional results to fleet owners and fleet clients. We’ve handled more than 66 million repair events and have had over 33,000 technicians utilize our products at some point in their careers. FleetSquared is designed for shops with no more than three technicians, and is carved from the heritage of our premium product EMDECS; built for those with multiple shifts, at least 50 units to those running over 80,000 assets.
Join us to professionalize your presence by adopting industry standard coding with a software package that grows as you grow. This way the Fleets and clients you serve get the best information possible. Separate yourself from those that fly by the seat of their pants, to those that truly take pride in their work. If you love what you do, then we’re the product for you.