Do You Like Solving Puzzles?

If so, give some thought to a career as a heavy truck maintenance and repair technician. Into gaming on your tablet or smartphone? Today’s heavy trucks are rolling puzzles. And the software used in maintaining and repairing them is similar to gaming. In fact, if you decide on a career in truck repair you will use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the software.

Do you like learning new things? Truck technology is ever changing and you will be growing with it as a diesel and heavy truck tech. But expect to learn much through a high school diesel and truck program, after which you can sign on to an apprenticeship program. That way you can be learning while you work and being paid to learn your trade.



Steady Work, Job Security

Heavy truck technicians are in short supply so if you like the prospect of longevity and steady work, job security will come in the trucking industry. You will be a trusted and valued employee and can even work into a management position. More good news is that you don’t need a college degree to join the trade.

Rewards are not just monetary. You already understand how rewarding the feeling is to solve puzzles. Multiply that feeling many times to get how you will feel to solve truck repair puzzles. Nothing else made me feel the way I did when I tore down a large diesel truck engine, identified the failure, completed the repairs, reassembled and then the magic moment when it fired up and ran perfectly. That truly is rewarding.


Rolling Computer Systems

And that feeling won’t just happen with engine repairs. Trucks nowadays are traveling computer systems and you will have the tools for finding out whatever is wrong and solving each mystery. And every time you do you will feel more valued as an employee and energized, whether you work in a small shop or a large fleet shop.

As you grow and learn your trade your confidence in your ability will also grow. At some point in your career you may even ponder the concept of opening a shop of your own. You will gain the knowledge and the knack for doing so as you work and prosper in your profession. Imagine owning and running your own business without going to college. Truck maintenance and repair techs have that option.


All About Uptime

As you learn you will develop the concept of creating maximum uptime. Uptime is the term used when a truck is rolling and generating revenue for its owner. It is the opposite of downtime which means a truck is not working. For a truck, downtime is incredibly costly and not just for the repair cost but the loss of revenue and the possibility of losing a customer. Relax, you’ll learn all about uptime and how to gain it for customers or your fleet.

Every job comes with its own stress and a heavy truck tech job is no different. Deadlines and promised repairs by a certain time are examples of stress. These will be everyday occurrences for a truck tech and you learn to deal with them without letting them get to you. Solving puzzles, remember. Also, working hours can be long at times when a truck repair needs to be finished late.


Never Boring

On the upside, there is a tremendous variety of jobs in truck repair. Trucks have thousands of moving parts that wear out with time and need repair or replacement. Being a technician is never boring; there’s always something waiting to be worked on and so much new technology.

Learning to accurately diagnose failures will carry you a long, long way in your career as a tech. It’s the first step in solving a puzzle. Then comes the actual repair.


You Fix the Trucks that Keep the Economy Rolling

Hauling freight is an essential part of the economy. Freight is increasing as countries deal with shortages of goods needed for both households and manufacturers. Those goods are most often delivered by trucks in timely fashion. Whether diesel, hydrogen electric or battery electric powered, trucks will always need to be maintained and repaired by truck technicians.

Want a great and steady career? Study in a high school diesel truck program and move on to an apprenticeship with a busy shop. You’ll never be out of work because you’ll be busy keeping the trucks rolling and the supply chain humming.