At FleetSquared, we are innovating to bring what we think is the best and most effective solution for managing and tracking heavy-duty equipment fleet maintenance. At the same time we are hyper-aware that ultimately it’s not about software, or technology, or features – it’s all about hands on shop work.

One of our favorite things to do is to get out of the office and away from our computers and into the shops and workspaces of people who use our systems. This is where it all makes sense. What we see is good people performing vital work that our communities could not possibly function without. What we see is hard work – and it isn’t being done on a computer! What we see is a process that has a purpose, and that purpose is to keep units rolling. It doesn’t matter what the truck or trailer will be doing once it’s out of the service bay – all we know is that the only reason it’s in the service bay in the first place is because it does have a function, and that function is to serve our communities – be dispatched, deliver, pick-up, etc.

So, our role becomes clearer. How can we help? How can we serve the greater function that these units provide? How can we help those that maintain these units? Simple – we can provide the tools that allow for maintenance tracking and organization, then, we get out of the way and let the hands-on work get completed. Then, we provide the tools for analyzing the business that encompasses the shop work. Simple.

Not so simple to pull off, but easy to understand. That’s what we’re doing here – working with those that know fleet equipment in order to produce a process driven, clear and intuitive do-it-yourself system that works with what already has to be accomplished – without making the process more complicated.

It starts and ends with people – in the industry and those that benefit from it. That’s why our working relationship with our customers is so prized here. We have a strong conviction and belief in being part of a sensible solution. We want to keep hearing from you to know what needs are evolving and developing at the shop level. It is so much a part of what we do.

Please keep in touch with us and we hope you enjoy using FleetSquared.