Owners of small fleet repair shops have a lot on their plate and often have to wear many hats. It can be overwhelming at times. Between repair work and managing staff, customer service and sales, paperwork and reporting, and just overall what it takes to run a business, sometimes we feel like we’re working around the clock. We have some tips for how you can save time and possibly make your business more efficient, giving you back some quality time in your day. 



No one wants to deal with paperwork. That includes invoicing, repair orders, parts ordering, and more. With a fleet maintenance software system, you can eliminate a lot of the paperwork and make your day more manageable, focusing your time where it’s needed. FleetSquared has organized workflows and beautiful digital paperwork to present to your clients. Within less than 15 minutes, you’ll have your first invoice emailed straight to your client. 


Oversee Repair Orders and Work

One of the reasons why invoicing is easy with FleetSquared is because the technician portal is easy to use. We made it easy to use so the technicians can get the coding right immediately, reducing time and a lot of back and forth communication by the manager to ensure the invoice is correct before billing the client. Although there’s a balance between making software easy to use and too simple, we made it easy by using intuitive proper icons that give technicians the right understanding, improving the coding of the repair order. 


Service managers can review all the work done by their technicians in one place and can assign and send back work as needed. Just a quick glance will tell you what your technicians are working on. 


Ordering Parts

Keeping up with your parts inventory and ordering new parts can be very time-consuming but is important to keep your fleet on the road. FleetSquared has made it as easy as possible. All you have to do each week is:

  • Press the button on the Ordering screen
  • The software will consolidate and come up with a list of suggested parts based on what you’ve used since your last order
    • The parts will be automatically grouped by your preferred vendor
  • Check the list
  • Click a button to email your order to your vendor

We can even preload the top 1,000 part numbers that every fleet should have, to get you started right. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.



No more chasing down multiple spreadsheets or manually count previous repair orders and parts inventory. With a fleet maintenance software system, all your data can live in one place and you can schedule reports to run automatically, and email them out to the respective people that need them on a regular basis. Not only that, but you will also have all your data at your fingertips, while on the go, and if needed for regulatory and compliance purposes. 

So, there are only two questions remaining:

  1. Are you starting your free trial today? 
  2. What will you do with the extra time you get back in your workday?