Fleet Maintenance Software
Designed to Keep Fleet

Finally, there’s fleet manager software engineered to make your life easier. When technicians can properly code every repair, there’s less work for you when it comes to invoicing. When you can track every technician, there’s less wasted time going back and forth. When training and setup takes 30 minutes or less, there’s no reason not to take control with FleetSquared.

Every Repair Will Be
Properly Coded

Technicians love the FleetSquared truck maintenance software because we’ve used their feedback to simplify every aspect. That includes our visualized VRMS coding system, which uses icons to make the process easier. Your technicians will now be able to find the proper code for each repair in seconds every single time. And having a properly coded maintenance history means you’ll be able to maximize the value of every truck.

Track Every Technician
From One Screen

Ensuring premier service means leveraging premier fleet manager software to track and evaluate your technicians. No more back and forth discussions that waste time. Simply log in to FleetSquared to see what your techs are working on, assess work, and eliminate errors from the equation. That’s how FleetSquared delivers total control.

Generates Your First Invoice
In 15 Minutes

The FleetSquared system allows you to create invoices with special pricing, surcharges, and taxes with the click of a few buttons. And because your techs will properly code every repair, you can generate detailed invoices in minutes. In fact, you’ll be able to generate and email your first invoice within 15 minutes of getting your hands on FleetSquared.

Turns Your Team Into FleetSquared Experts
In 30 Minutes Or Less

More than 33,000 technicians have chosen FleetSquared because it’s so easy to use. That simplicity is a big reason why your techs will go from zero to hero in 30 minutes or less using a few basic training videos. That means less training/onboarding time, fewer errors, easier tracking, quicker service, and less stress for you.
See for yourself how FleetSquared fleet manager software will enhance your life without parting with a penny. Claim a free 30-day trial for full access to the FleetSquared system.