Turns Your Team Into
FleetSquared Experts
In 30 Minutes Or Less

More than 33,000 technicians have chosen FleetSquared because it’s so easy to use. That simplicity is a big reason why your techs will go from zero to hero in 30 minutes or less once they have access to this truck maintenance system. And that ease of use extends to managers, as well.

By supplementing an intuitive, simplified system with short training videos, your entire team will become FleetSquared experts in minutes. That means coding every repair, issuing parts to repairs, generating invoices, and more after your first 30 minutes with FleetSquared.

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FleetSquared Caters to Managers & Technicians

For managers, FleetSquared delivers real-time insight into what techs are working on, allows for the setup of special customer pricing, and quickly generates and sends out email invoices.

For technicians, we’ve spent countless hours developing the technician portal. This is where techs can properly code repairs using a simplified icon system. They can also stay updated on open jobs and keep the managers informed on their progress.

Start running your operation with more efficiency, more ease, and more control in 30 minutes or less by claiming your free trial access to the FleetSquared system.