Learning and Earning from Independent Truck Repair Shops

Many of the heavy trucks on North American roads are operated by small fleets. And most of those small fleets don’t have in-house preventive maintenance and repair facilities. In many instances they must rely on small independent repair shops to keep their equipment running safely and efficiently.

Trucks are complicated beasts with great numbers of moving parts that make them susceptible to wear and tear at all times. Small shops must routinely inspect every truck that enters their yard with the purpose of finding and uncovering faults that can become deadly in the event of a safety hazard failure. To not do so can lead to catastrophic consequences which can end the business for any small fleet and its shop of choice.


About Saving Lives

Liability is a far reaching demon for trucking outfits and shops. Make your technicians aware that every time they inspect a truck they may uncover the risk of a potential looming safety breach. And by repairing that breach they can save lives. It’s that serious every day.

Small shops work with techs who desire to prevent truck failures, thereby saving small fleets costly unscheduled downtime and business-ending liability claims. Every tech wants to be good at what they do. The cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of preventive maintenance and repair.


About Saving Money

As a small shop owner or manager a lot is on the line for you. You must instill in your techs the desire to inspect every truck that enters your shop. Their good work in finding and repairing truck faults will earn your shop a solid reputation for saving money for small fleet operators.

Techs must not take inspections lightly or haphazardly. Instead, they must realize that they are performing critical services for the benefit of a small fleet’s business. Techs must not ever overlook an issue while thinking of saving a fleet money. That’s a recipe for disaster for them, you, and the fleet operator.


Preventing Downtime

Unscheduled downtime is another demon faced by fleet operators that just doesn’t always have to happen. Sure, inspections don’t always prevent breakdowns. No tech has xray vision to see the workings of internal components. So there will still be breakdowns and downtime.

But conscientious techs can seriously reduce downtime even with quick inspections. And that creates uptime for small fleets that leads to more revenue for both the fleet and your shop. There is a reason why trucks are so heavily regulated when it comes to safety: stuff happens with trucks every day. And often someone dies or faces life-changing injuries because of it. Inspections are that important.


We Know Techs and Repair Shops

At BrightOrder Inc. we know a great deal about techs and repair shops. We’ve been working with them for decades creating ways for them to work better and smarter and more efficiently. Our small shop repair software system makes it easy to create preventive maintenance schedules and inspection checklists to increase your shop’s ability to boost uptime for your customers.

We call our system FleetSquared. It’s specifically designed and built for small fleets and small repair shops to streamline and simplify workflow in your bays. By eliminating outdated and mundane procedures it will give your manager more time to spend nurturing and overseeing techs as well as drumming up new business leads while reducing drudgery.

Techs will love using the system and your customers will realize that your shop is on the cutting edge of technology. Your people will feel more like qualified technicians and less like grease monkeys. Productivity will increase and your shop will be able to take on more work.

FleetSquared frees you and your people from paperwork: it’s digital and comes with onscreen training for both managers and techs. The system will have your people up to speed in 30 minutes or less. Best of all it comes with a free 30 day trial so you can test drive it and see for yourself how much better life can be.

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