We have talked a lot about FleetSquared being designed specifically for the small heavy-duty fleet maintenance shop. Smaller shops may not need all the bells and whistles from their maintenance software that larger fleet operators do, and we think that they shouldn’t have to pay for features they don’t need.

However, you may have growth goals for your business. So you may ask, “Why would I invest time, training, and effort into software that my repair shop may outgrow in the new few years?” That’s a great point. We understand that committing to a new software system, getting  staff accustomed to using it, and building new business processes around it is a commitment. We have a solution for that. 

FleetSquared is designed by BrightOrder Inc. You may have heard of BrightOrder and its premium maintenance software system EMDECS. BrightOrder has been designing and building software specifically for heavy-duty fleets and repair shops for over two decades and continues to bring revolutionary changes to the industry. FleetSquared is built on the same premises as EMDECS and FleetSquared can easily be upgraded to an EMDECS product if your needs change and your business grows.  

So how are the products different? Check out our website for a true side by side comparison, but here are the highlights:

  • FleetSquared was built with basic features such as technician portal, repair order invoicing, simplified parts ordering & receiving, and more. It supports up to 3 technician accounts and 1 service manager account. 
  • EMDECS has all the features offered with FleetSquared, in addition to full inventory management, tracking for multiple inventory and shop locations, technician work scheduler, arrivals service board, PM forecasting, part only counter sales, warranty management, campaigns & recalls, driver portal, customer access portal, full mobile options, embedded accounting options, rental & leasing module, support for multiple currencies and languages, and much more. It offers unlimited technician accounts and unlimited service accounts. 
  • There’s also a third advanced option; EMDECS + AI, which includes all the great features found in EMDECS as well as embedded artificial intelligence tuned for heavy-duty repair and embedded advanced engineering machine learning algorithms. 
  • Finally, if you’re over 80,000 units with a dedicated garage vendor network, BrightOrder offers special options with the most integrated system ever made.

As you can see, the relationship between FleetSquared and BrightOrder gives you options and flexibility. You can start with the software system that you need. As your business grows, your needs in software features will grow with you. We can help you find the best solution so you always have the features and options that are best suited for your business needs. There is extensive support available with all the software products and our support team will be happy to help you review the options available to you and how to best handle the transition and upgrade when that time comes. 

If you’re in the process of setting the long-term goals for your business, build your maintenance software needs into the planning. Check out your options