BrightOrder Brings FleetSquared to Your Shop

FleetSquared is a software system designed for the small, independent repair or fleet maintenance shop owner/manager. It is created and perfected by BrightOrder and boasts being based on experiences gained through working with 66,000+ technicians, tracking 65M+ repairs, over 6M+ assets, with $8.6B+ purchases made using our large fleet software called EMDECS.

Such a rich history has made it possible for us to provide FleetSquared, a system for use by smaller shops – those with a single manager and up to 3 technicians–servicing fleets and with the capability to also provide maintenance and repairs to outside customers.

Increased Productivity

Training is quick and easy with FleetSquared’s video tutorials which take your people from zero to hero in 30 minutes. Personnel will love using it which will likely result in less technician turnover, saving you money and keeping up valuable productivity.

And speaking of productivity Dedicated Technician Portals eliminate the need for hand writing repair orders. We tailored our system specifically for heavy-duty truck and trailer repairs. Streamlined home screen so techs see their assigned ROs while the manager sees all assigned ROs across all techs. Time saved means less time navigating the system and more time performing actual repairs. Bonus.

Unlimited RO’s and Invoices

With Unlimited Email Invoices to Clients you can prepare and send a professional invoice in 15 minutes. Clients and fleet drivers will be impressed by the renewed speed with which their trucks get serviced and repaired. The resulting long-lasting and loyal customer relationships will make your business fly.

Complete RO lets you easily handle surcharges, local taxes and any special rates negotiated with clients. You quickly and efficiently turn ROs into invoices in record time. Trucks are back on the road with minimal downtime, maximum uptime. That is certain to lift your spirits.

Your existing data regarding parts inventory, units serviced or repaired, and customers can be imported to FleetSquared smoothly and seamlessly. You can upload your top 1,000 part numbers in use, the quantity of parts on hand and their storage location for quick and easy retrieval when needed. And receive recommendations of what to reorder based on use.


We know that circumstances are ever-changing in maintenance and repair shops. Our system enables you to add customers as needed, also add units, and parts suppliers simply and easily.

With your Service Manager Account you can create repair orders, transmit them directly to technicians, receive ROs when repairs are completed, complete the RO and email an invoice to the customer in a matter of minutes.

We Provide Ongoing Support

FleetSquared provides 24/7 Ticket Portal Support so you’re never alone as you use the software. And it comes with no expensive setup or ongoing training costs.

Imagine your life without the drudgery of all that paperwork. Our software makes it disappear. No more stacks of documents collected and stored in endless file cabinets. They’re all gone from your shop with BrightOrder’s FleetSquared Software.

Test Drive It

We never ask you to invest in it without trying it first. FleetSquared comes with a free 30 day trial. We’re confident you’ll love how it can simplify your life by streamlining shop operations and boosting productivity. And we know you’ll find it affordable. Start your free trial today simply by signing up at