FleetSquar Pricing

For a limited time, we’re offering our FleetSquared product for the low price of $99.00 / Month. Included is one service manager subscription along with three technicians. Anyone who signs up during this time will be getting over $199 / Month value, and our first 1,000 subscribers will be under our guaranteed program of not paying more than $99.00 / Month for the life of their subscription. Act now to professionalize your shop with proper fleet expectations, and service your clients with the standards they deserve.

Need More Features?

Should you require more than three technicians, and you’re now running multiple shifts, please join us with our EMDECS offering; the premium solution for those that are servicing mid-sized fleets to those with over 80,000 units. We’re here for you as you grow your business, and our EMDECS Concierge Service Team will help you every step of the way to transition from FleetSquared to EMDECS. Your life will get more complicated with having to handle multiple shifts, multiple locations, proper inventory, and way more Repair Orders and invoices than you do today, and our team is there to help your elevation. Why not get on the system that grows with you as you grow? What works today most certainly isn’t what you’re going to need tomorrow.

Garage vendor networks

If you’re over 80’000 units with a dedicated garage vendor network, contact us to get into the most integrated system ever made. No one handles dedicated garage vendor networks like we do! Contact us today to find out.