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FleetSquared is a cloud-based fleet maintenance management system designed to make life easy for shop managers, technicians and drivers. FleetSquared makes scheduling, inventory part ordering, and repair orders simple. Help videos are available on each screen and our online support portal is there to answer any questions your staff may have.

Put together by a team that’s been instrumental in refining fleet maintenance management software for heavy-duty equipment fleets and repair shops, FleetSquared represents the next wave in fleet management systems with one core principle driving its creation; be simple and easy to use. We’re raising the standard for fleet maintenance management software by thinking of how you use it in your shop at every step and making sure you and your staff have all the tools you need to get the job done right.

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Service Managers and shop owners get a top-down view of everything going on in the shop with their own Dashboard when they sign-in to the system. There are a variety of tools for Managers in FleetSquared, the most important being the Service Board. It gives access to ongoing shop operations, work scheduling and assigning as techs build repair orders and drivers complete inspection reports.


Service Board

The heart of the system is FleetSquared’s Service Board, which gives you a central repair cycle overview. Structured like an airport Arrivals and Departures board, the Service Board gives you a view of repair order items, the technicians they’re assigned to, and most importantly, when they’re “Unit Ready”. Estimates can be entered into FleetSquared and held on the Arrivals screen until authorization is obtained to go ahead with the work. FleetSquared also integrates purchase orders for sublet work through the Service Board so you can track costs of work outside of your shop.



The Technician’s Repair Order (Tech RO) is a simple way for your techs to keep track of their work as they’re performing it, and technicians love using it with its improved simplicity over similar systems. VMRS codes are embedded in Tech RO, so all a tech needs to do is select the correct assembly code for what they’re working on. The clock starts running when they select the job, and the parts they select are issued immediately from inventory.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) work that’s due for a unit is placed up front. Inspection forms can be linked to PM work and accessed by the tech in Tech RO. Any defects reported by drivers are automatically linked to the unit record in FleetSquared and appear as selectable tasks when an RO is opened, ensuring that important work doesn’t get missed and cause unnecessary equipment downtime.


Simple Job Selection

Graphic icons for VMRS System codes and repair order jobs visually guide you quickly to the job you need to record time for.



Your drivers don’t have a lot of time to fill out reports, so our Driver Defect Portal (DDP) module is iPad ready and simple to complete. Inspection reports are fully customizable by the shop Manager and integrated with the rest of the system. After the driver completes their inspection, identified maintenance issues are linked to the equipment record and selectable on any repair order opened for that unit.

Increase profitability with FleetSquared.

  • Optimized for Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Maintenance
  • Industry Standard VMRS Code Driven
  • No Expensive Setup or Ongoing Training Costs
  • Integrated Electronic Inspection Reporting
  • In-App Help Videos and Online Support
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