FleetSquared is a repair shop fleet maintenance management system designed to make life easy for service managers and technicians.

The most important part of managing your shop is to ensure your repairs are being coded properly to industry standards. Your fleet and clients need this information so that they can professionally operate their equipment and improve their uptime with your work. Proper information not only helps them identify issues with their equipment, but it also increases the value of their vehicles when they're ready for trade-in or re-sale. If your client includes properly coded maintenance history as the time of auction, wouldn't that raise the value of what they're selling? Join us on FleetSquared to bring to your clients not just what they need, but what they deserve.


It's about time someone made it easy for service managers to track their technicians, and make it easy to invoice the work. By making the technician portal easy to use so that Technicians can get the coding right in the first place, it reduces the amount of work required by managers to create the resulting invoice for the fleet or the end client. Having organized work flows, and beautiful paper work to present to your clients is so important when elevating the work that you provide the industry. The best part, within less than 15 minutes, you'll already have your first invoice.


We spent a lot of time working with Technicians directly in the field. We needed to ensure that we could get a Technician going from zero to hero in less than 30 minutes of training; while being able to properly code a repair so that your fleet and clients would be able to understand the work that was done. There is a fine balance between being so simple where you don’t capture any information for your clients, to the extremes of forcing your technicians to figure out how to code with weird drop lists with no explanation of what code to choose. If you make it too difficult, you’ll end up with the wrong information for the fleets that you service. For us, we made it easy by creating proper icons to give your technicians the right understanding without being cumbersome. And as a result, the better the coding that is done by the technicians, the less time is spent by your service manager on getting their invoicing done easier as well.


For the size of inventory and the openness of the parts area you most likely manage, you really don't need anything too sophisticated to handle your spare parts. So we did the work to simplify this. Basically, each week, when ready, you can press a button on our ``Ordering`` screen and we'll do all of the hard work to consolidate to figure out what parts you've used between your last order and now, and we'll come up with a list of suggested parts. We'll not only automatically group them by your preferred vendor, but we also make it easy for you to just click a button to email your order to your vendor. As long as the technician issues the parts in our easy to use ``Technician Portal``, re-ordering couldn't get any simpler. You don't even need to spend the time to perform a time consuming physical count. If you happen to need the tools to manage a more sophisticated inventory, we have that in our EMDECS product, and we'd be more than happy to help you manage anything from a single location, to multiple locations as well as inventory on your mobile repair units. If you'd like, we can even pre-load the top 1,000 part numbers that every fleet should have.

FleetSquared for Heavy Duty Repair Professionals

Optimized for Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Repairs
Handle both your internal fleet repairs as well as customer repairs
No Expensive Setup or Ongoing Training Costs
Email your first professional invoice in less than 15 minutes
Industry relationships to help you buy parts
In-App Help Videos and Online Support