Small Heavy Truck Repair Shops Going Digital

If you’re a manager of a small repair shop servicing heavy trucks and you’ve not joined the digital wave, chances are you’re watching money flow out the bay doors without knowing it. Web based shop management software saves so much time and energy from being wasted on outdated practices. And the software costs so little to implement.

Consider a shop where you can click a few icons on a laptop computer to open any RO. Click a couple more and you’ve assigned the work to the best tech for that job without leaving your desk. Now think about not having to search through hundreds of VMRS codes to find the one that fits your RO. Our software uses icons to select the right code for the job in an instant.

Of course, we’re talking about FleetSquared by BrightOrder Inc. and we have a lot more to say about it. Technicians love learning new things, but loathe the time it takes to become proficient. So with FleetSquared’s training included your people will be up to speed in less than 30 minutes and they will love using it.


Take the Guesswork Out of Tracking Tech Time

How about tracking your techs’ on the job time without hand writing it on the RO? How many ROs have you had to rewrite because of smudged or inaccurate time recorded? We know that you know how unreliable that can be. Our system tracks tech times in real time, so it’s error free, smudgeless, and effortless.

We did say digital and that includes every RO, invoice, and PO. All handled with a few clicks on that laptop or tablet. Email a professional invoice to the customer in a matter of minutes. The software lets you create unlimited ROs, Invoices, and POs. You can even track techs’ individual efficiency and schedule reports so you’ll always know who to put on each job that comes into the shop.



Ending the Drudgery

Guess what else: no more searching through endless file cabinets to extract a previous RO for reference. Now you have it on screen in seconds. FleetSquared comes with 1 Service Manager Account and up to 3 Technician Accounts, making it perfect for small fleet shops or Mom and Pop operations. The system accommodates both internal fleet repairs and those of outside customers.

Save time and money through inventory management within the system. Parts are barcode ready and you can upload your top 1,000 part numbers that you use often. Issue parts to ROs as they are used and you will automatically receive recommended parts orders based on techs recent usage. And by keeping an inventory of frequently used items you have the parts you need at your fingertips without sending out for them and may be in line to negotiate a better price on some items.


Change for the Better

Create PM schedules and checklists so you’re always on top of your customers’ preventive maintenance requirements. That builds trust and keeps customers coming back to you with all their needs. FleetSquared saves time and we know it will increase your shop’s productivity. That provides valuable time for the manager to be contacting customers and strengthening relationships. Customers will love seeing your people using the latest technology on their vehicles.

As a small shop you may be thinking that your footprint is inferior. But you’re not an island. Every small truck repair shop plays a vital role in the on time transportation of goods throughout the world. Thanks in part to you the supply chain continues its fluid movement of bringing us everything we want and need.

And in times of killer viruses plaguing our world it’s comforting to know that with FleetSquared you can do your part to control the virus with the system’s no touch – no contact advantage. Safety first.

Best of all, FleetSquared is surprisingly affordable and it comes with a free 30 day trial so you can test drive it and see it in action. We truly believe it will change the ways in which you do business for the better. Sign up with your email to start your free trial today and see for yourself what a difference it will make by joining the digital wave.