The Best Employee You’ll Ever Find

If you’re an independent truck repair shop owner/manager we know your needs are not the same as large shops. We also know that your focus needs to be on getting customers’ trucks back on the road quickly.

But how can you do that when so much of your time is spent hand writing repair orders, leaving your desk to communicate with techs and assign work to them, collecting time sheets and RO’s, completing those RO’s, hand writing invoices and sending them out, filing the completed repairs and invoices?

How can you do all that and find time for what you’re really there to do, namely managing your shop and growing your business?

We Can Help

At BrightOrder we’re all about simplifying your life and helping you achieve loftier goals for your business.

We’ve spent decades designing, building and perfecting our large heavy-truck repair shop software system. Now we have perfected a digital system especially for small shops. We call it FleetSquared. It’s the best employee you’ll ever find and it will help you manage and grow your business.

No more hand writing RO’s, time sheets, and invoices. No more filing; records are stored digitally, so no more searching through endless file cabinets to view past repairs to prepare reports. Bring up any previous RO for any truck with just a few clicks. Access maintenance and repair records instantly from anywhere.

Not Just Freeing You From Paperwork

FleetSquared also provides streamlined parts ordering and inventory control. Use our Simplified Ordering and Receiving feature to make sure regularly used parts are always on hand. Issue the parts to repairs and the software will let you know what and when to reorder. Reduce time spent waiting for parts.

And it tracks tech’s work in real time, ending possible discrepancies and streamlining RO completion with a focus on accuracy and professionalism. Time sheets are often fraught with human error. Use our software to eliminate the possibility for errors. The dedicated technician portal enables direct communication between techs and manager so you always know how repairs are progressing.

Building Relationships

FleetSquared Maintenance Management Cloud-based software makes repairs simple and straightforward. With it you’ll provide customers more uptime for their trucks while developing loyal and long-lasting client relationships.

Your technicians will feel a renewed sense of pride of accomplishment when able to quickly, competently and correctly complete needed repairs. After all, they’ll be up to speed with FleetSquared software in 30 minutes.


Easy to Use

No complex drop-down boxes to decipher. We’ve designed the technician portal with large, easy to understand icons for simplicity of use. Your techs will spend less time navigating the software and more time performing actual repairs. And you know that will open the door to more business for your shop.


Additional Built-in Features

Other important features of this system include Unlimited Repair Order Invoicing, Unlimited Email Invoices, and Unlimited Number of Assets for anticipated sustained growth of your business.

FleetSquared’s Dashboard Widgets permit both manager and technicians to customize the Home Screen for speed and ease of use.

Heavy-Vehicle Fleet Maintenance (VMRS) Coding Standard for easily and accurately coding repairs.

And much more. The best way for you to realize all the advantages of this system is to experience its power with a free 30 day trial.

You’ll be amazed at its capabilities and most of all its affordability. Try it today and let us know how you feel.