Welcome to the US / Canada launch of FleetSquared.com. We’re very excited to be the first Do-It-Yourself cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) provider specifically focused on heavy-duty truck and trailer equipment fleets. In here, you can sign up for a free trial to test the product without a lengthy sales session; and if you’re delighted with what you see, you can continue to access the site by signing with a monthly subscription. What makes us different than other CMMS software is that we are VMRS driven, and are insanely committed to the heavy duty industry. We’ve been focused on heavy equipment since we started the company in 1996. Other products claim to work for all assets including buildings, passenger vehicles, etc, and because of this, we felt that the heavy-duty market isn’t getting the commitment that they deserve. What others don’t understand is the impact of a breakdown and what it means to heavy-duty operators with finding like-replacement equipment… Those in the industry know… it doesn’t exist. Because of this costly challenge, coming soon is the inclusion of patent pending technology based on advanced aerospace engineering that will help you optimize your maintenance costs and provide a prediction on when you might expect your next failure. This literally is rocket science at your finger tips. It’s taken many years to get this into our site, and we’re very excited about this work. We’re focused on raising the standards for heavy-duty equipment maintenance management.

Today, we’re launching a powerful, yet simple product for a single repair shop location fleet operator. With this launch, our team will be making many refinements and updates to the software over the next few weeks and many months to come. We’ve mentioned our patent pending technology in the area of predictive failures, but also coming shortly is the capability for multi-location fleet operators, where you’ll be able to not only order parts by location by usage or by min-max, but also be able to transfer inventory between locations. Coming soon as well is the integration of the Motor Information Systems Labor Guide within the FleetSquared system. We think this will save you a lot of time, energy effort and give you confidence when providing work expectations to the dispatch office or to your customers. There are a lot more integrations coming, and as they become available, we’ll announce them and depending on the relationship with the integration provider, we may even be able to let you trial it for free.

It’s been many years of hard work on getting us to this stage, and we believe that you, our end users will enjoy the simplicity we’re bringing to the market. We like to think of ourselves as being an un-cloud company. Most cloud companies want you signed in to their application online all the time. For us, we’d rather make it so easy for you to do your work so that you can do what you need and get out of our systems quickly to do your work in the real-world.

We’re looking forward to everyone’s feedback. Please make sure to sign up for a trial, and should you encounter issues, click on the support link on the top right to get you into our help desk site, and we’ll work on answering your questions as quickly as possible. As part of this work, we’re also implementing a chat feature within the help desk portal so that it makes it even easier for us to communicate.

Welcome to FleetSquared.

Kenton Ho