Fleet repair shops need more than just tools and technicians to survive. There’s a lot that goes into keeping a fleet on the road. Although equipment and technicians go a long way, unfortunately we also need a way to get paid, get parts, and in general tools to run our business. Here are some of the additional needs a fleet maintenance shop may have.


What Every Good Fleet Repair Shop Needs:

  • An easy way to report profit/loss

Everything you do boils down to making your business successful. A company cannot stay healthy without a way to keep track of their profit and loss. Although this can be done using spreadsheets, there are easy and affordable tools like Quickbooks or similar software systems that can do it more efficiently and help automate the process. 


  • A way to track technicians’ billable hours with real-time tracking

Every fleet repair shop needs a way to keep track of the work their technicians are actually doing. Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way, with punch cards or written timesheets. Or you could invest in software that offers real-time tracking on your technicians’ work hours. By using one of these systems, you eliminate the human error that often occurs with manually tracking time. Real-time tracking of technicians billable hours is built into FleetSquared’s fleet maintenance software.


  • An easy way to communicate with your technicians.

Your technicians are the heart of your small repair shop. Keeping in touch with them about everything from how their repairs are going to what parts they need, to any questions they may have is crucial for your small shop to survive.

However, it’s hard to always keep in contact with your technicians. Having a software where technicians can easily communicate with managers eliminates the possibility of miscommunication, or something being lost in translation. Make sure everyone gets on the same page by using a fleet maintenance system. 

  • A simple way to invoice clients.

Invoices can be one of the things that weigh down most small repair shops. Getting caught up in paper invoices is something that repair shops of the past had to worry about; now, with digital technology, invoices can be sent to clients without the paper trail. You can use an invoicing software, or a software with invoicing capabilities, to check and send invoices to clients. This ultimately makes the invoicing process simpler and more organized, so you don’t have to spend as much time as you would on paper invoices.


  • Automatic parts ordering based on past usage

Do you often need to reorder a certain part every few weeks? You could take the time to manually reorder every time you need them, or you could use a software that recommends what parts you need to order based on the parts used between your last order and now. 


These are all tools that will make your work easier and more efficient on a daily basis. Invest in a fleet maintenance system and reap the benefits of more accurate repair orders, faster and easy to read invoicing, intuitive parts ordering, and much more. These features are all built into FleetSquared. Try it free for 30 days and let us know what you think.